Learn how to enrich your cat's life by understanding your cat's wants and needs better.


The Enneagram is used to identify nine different types of personality. We've adapted the types so they can be used with cats.

Take a cat version of the Enneagram test to explore your cat's personality then take a human version of the Enneagram test to compare your own personality to your cat's.

Type 1: The Exacting Kitty

Type 2: The Affectionate Kitty

Type 3: The Admired Kitty

Type 4: The Moody Kitty

Type 5: The Watchful Kitty

Type 6: The Skittish Kitty

Type 7: The Curious Kitty

Type 8: The Boss Kitty

Type 9: The Easygoing Kitty

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Online Resources

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