Enneagram Cat Personality Type 1: The Exacting Kitty

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The human version of Enneagram personality type 1 is popularly called the perfectionist, the reformer, or the good person. Typical characteristics focus on appropriate behavior, working toward perfection, and noticing when things aren't done correctly.

The cat version of Enneagram type 1 we call the Rigid Perfectionist or the Exacting Kitty. The Exacting Kitty's attention is on comparing what is with what should be.

What the Exacting Kitty wants

Consistent Routines
Doing the same thing the same way the same time. Variations in the routine could be experienced as something being wrong.

Proper Behavior
There may be a sense for how to behave in given situations for both your cat and you. Your cat may conduct themself accordingly and expect the same from you.

Orderliness and Cleanliness
Clutter and messes may be disturbing. Things out of place can feel wrong. There also may be a preference that things be clean and fresh.

Things Done Right
There may be expectations for how things are done. There's a right way and wrong way to do things according to the Exacting Kitty.

Things Corrected
If something isn't right your cat may be able to correct it themself or may complain to you until it's made right.

While the Exacting Kitty mostly behaves well and appropriately, there can be a finickiness and inflexibility when it comes to how things are expected to be done.

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