Enneagram Cat Personality Type 6: The Skittish Kitty

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The human version of Enneagram personality type 6 is popularly called the loyalist, the loyal skeptic, or the loyal person. Typical characteristics focus on safety, anticipating problems or dangers, and looking for something or someone they can trust.

The cat version of Enneagram type 6 we call the Cautious Skeptic or the Skittish Kitty. The Skittish Kitty's attention is on scanning for potential danger.

What the Skittish Kitty wants

There's a sense of stability in the environment when needs are consistently met and people's behavior remains consistent.

A Safe Space
A safe space is a place where the Skittish Kitty can go when they're anxious or overwhelmed and need to feel safe.

Gentle Change
Introducing change into familiar routine needs to take place slowly. Abrupt changes can exacerbate stress and wariness.

Calm Environment
Minimizing startling noises, sudden movements, and disruptive activities creates a calmer and less stressful environment.

Trust and confidence takes time to build. Patience is needed as your cat moves in that direction at their own pace.

While the Skittish Kitty tends to keep out of trouble and danger, there can be an over-cautiousness and mistrust that limits activities.

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