Enneagram Cat Personality Type 2: The Affectionate Kitty

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The human version of Enneagram personality type 2 is popularly called the helper, the giver, or the loving person. Typical characteristics focus on the needs and desires of others, seducing people closer, and becoming important in the lives of others.

The cat version of Enneagram type 2 we call the Seductive Empath or the Affectionate Kitty. The Affectionate Kitty's attention is on connecting with people and other pets.

What the Affectionate Kitty wants

Your cat's attention seeking may at times interrupt what you're doing in order to be petted, nuzzled, or just to lay on or near you.

Emotional Comforting
Although this is sometimes about seeking emotional comfort or support for themself, your cat may also provide comfort to people or other pets.

Physical Closeness
The Affectionate Kitty will often try to be physically close to people or other pets instead of being off by themself.

Even though affection is given to others, there can be an expectation that affection is given in return as well.

A Loving Environment
A nurturing and caring environment supportive of strong emotional connections and bonding is preferred.

While the Affectionate Kitty is warm toward both people and other animals, there can be a strong demand for your attention or simply your physical closeness.

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