Enneagram Cat Personality Type 7: The Curious Kitty

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The human version of Enneagram personality type 7 is popularly called the enthusiast, the epicure, or the joyful person. Typical characteristics focus on exploring interesting possibilities, avoiding limitations and pain, and looking ahead to what's next.

The cat version of Enneagram type 7 we call the Inquisitive Explorer or the Curious Kitty. The Curious Kitty's attention is on exploring what's interesting and stimulating.

What the Curious Kitty wants

Mental Stimulation
Boredom can quickly set in without mental stimulation. Your cat may avoid boredom by getting into things they shouldn't.

Physical Stimulation
The Curious Kitty can have an abundance of energy that needs to be released through play and other activities.

Freedom to Explore
It's not enough to simply wait for you to provide the stimulation your cat needs. Your cat needs to explore for themself.

To Test Limits
The sense of adventure can push your cat to test boundaries and limits. Off-limit areas can also be perceived as intriquing.

Novelty and Variety
Your cat can lose interest in familiar objects or routines. They not only need variety but something new from time-to-time to explore.

While the Curious Kitty can be inquisitive and playful, there can be a tendency to get into things they shouldn't and rebel against being limited or restricted.

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