Enneagram Cat Personality Type 9: The Easygoing Kitty

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The human version of Enneagram personality type 9 is popularly called the peacemaker, the mediator, or the peaceful person. Typical characteristics focus on keeping the peace, comfort preferred over effort, and going along instead of asserting oneself.

The cat version of Enneagram type 9 we call the Peaceful Accommodator or the Easygoing Kitty. The Easygoing Kitty's attention is on relaxing and going with the flow.

What the Easygoing Kitty wants

Peaceful Coexistence
In a harmonious environment everyone gets along without conflict. There is no need for separateness or boundaries between one other.

With a laid-back and calm demeanor the Easygoing Kitty seeks a comforable environment that creates a sense of tranquility and peace.

Minimal Demands
Demands can disrupt and stress an easygoing and comfortable cat. Especially when your expectations are your own and not your cat's.

Simple Routine
A simple and straightforward routine creates an uncomplicated lifestyle allowing for a greater sense of ease and contentment.

To Numb Out
Rather than face conflict or other stressors your cat may avoid such things by not reacting to them, simply numbing out instead.

While the Easygoing Kitty is easy to handle and get along with, there can be a laziness and passivity when it comes to activity and establishing boundaries for how to be treated.

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