Enneagram Type 9 - The Easygoing Accommodator

Type 9 Cat


The human version of Enneagram personality type 9 is popularly called the peacemaker, the mediator, or the peaceful person. Typical characteristics focus on keeping the peace, comfort preferred over effort, and going along instead of asserting oneself.

The cat version at WhatKittyWants.com we call the Easygoing Accommodator. Here's how that two word label might specifically apply to cats.

Easygoing - a relaxed attitude that seeks comfort and getting along.

  • not typically bothered by things that might annoy other cats
  • gets along well with other pets
  • prefers relaxing to strenuous activity

Accommodator - readily accommodates to the environment, people, and other pets.

  • seems able to sleep most anywhere anytime
  • doesn't react when being picked up and moved
  • passive response when provoked by other pets or mishandled by children

While the Easygoing Accommodator is easy to handle and get along with, there can be a laziness and passivity when it comes to activity and establishing boundaries for how to be treated.

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