Enneagram Type 5 - The Detached Observer

Type 5 Cat


The human version of Enneagram personality type 5 is popularly called the observer, the investigator, or the wise person. Typical characteristics focus on observing instead of participating, retreating when feeling overwhelmed, and needing time and space to contemplate.

The cat version at WhatKittyWants.com we call the Detached Observer. Here's how that two word label might specifically apply to cats.

Detached - aloof, disengaged, indifferent as to the surrounding activities.

  • tends to sit off to the side rather than participate in activities
  • may pull back from activities - often because of feeling overwhelmed
  • when participating in activities, may do so only partially or half-heartedly

Observer - watches from a distance the activities taking place.

  • often content just watching what's going on instead of participating
  • finds places to watch from where unnoticed or hidden
  • may eventually decide to participate after watching for a while first

While the Detached Observer has a strong awareness of activities around him/her, there can be a hesitancy or avoidance of participating in those activities.

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