Enneagram Type 3 - The Applauded Performer

Type 3 Cat


The human version of Enneagram personality type 3 is popularly called the performer, the achiever, or the effective person. Typical characteristics focus on gaining recognition from others, achieving goals and accomplishments, and feedback that lets them know how well they're doing.

The cat version at WhatKittyWants.com we call the Applauded Performer. Here's how that two word label might specifically apply to cats.

Applauded - looks to people for validation through praise, applause, rewards, etc.

  • looks for praise when meeting your expectation
  • motivated more by positive rewards than negative consequences
  • energized by being cheered on

Performer - takes on behaviors that get recognition.

  • learns to perform behaviors that bring rewards
  • easily encouraged to perform when being watched
  • exhibits behaviors meant to get attention

While the Applauded Performer easily learns taught behaviors, there can be a need for continued positive reinforcement to maintain a sense of being valued.

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