Enneagram Type 8 - The Territorial Intimidator

Type 8 Cat


The human version of Enneagram personality type 8 is popularly called the challenger, the protector, or the powerful person. Typical characteristics focus on being strong and not vulnerable, taking charge and in control, being direct in going after what's wanted.

The cat version at WhatKittyWants.com we call the Territorial Intimidator. Here's how that two word label might specifically apply to cats.

Territorial - claims and protects space, resources, etc.

  • claims certain space, food, or other resources as own
  • protective of space, resources, and those close
  • keeps other pets from accessing claimed territory

Intimidator - challenges, bullies, stands up to other animals.

  • can bully or attack other pets for no apparent reason
  • often asserts dominance over other pets
  • fight response more often than flight response

While the Territorial Intimidator can be confident and resilient, there can be an assertive dominance that intimidates other pets in the household or neighborhood.

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