Enneagram Type 6 - The Cautious Skeptic

Type 6 Cat


The human version of Enneagram personality type 6 is popularly called the loyalist, the loyal skeptic, or the loyal person. Typical characteristics focus on safety, anticipating problems or dangers, and looking for something or someone they can trust.

The cat version at WhatKittyWants.com we call the Cautious Skeptic. Here's how that two word label might specifically apply to cats.

Cautious - overly careful to avoid potential dangers and problems.

  • quick startle response is to run off and possibly hide
  • can be tentative around anything or anyone new
  • attuned to how other pets and people are responding to a situation

Skeptic - initial doubt and mistrust of people, other pets, situations, etc.

  • requires time to trust new people and pets
  • can often be mistrustful and cautious when initially offered food or treats
  • at times may be unsure of own abilities and hesitate or not act

While the Cautious Skeptic tends to keep out of trouble and danger, there can be an over-cautiousness and mistrust that limits activities.

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