Take your indoor cat with you for a walk, jog, bike ride, or hike

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Most people only take their indoor cat somewhere when going to the vet or traveling or moving or such. In these cases a travel carrier and car is the norm.

But, what about just spending time with your cat while you walk, jog, hike, or ride your bike? What are some options available?

The first thing that might come to mind is walking your cat on a leash, much like people do with dogs. The two main differences between walking a cat on leash vs. a dog have to do with using a harness for your cat instead of a collar and spending time gradually getting your cat familiar and comfortable with the idea.

The harness can not only be used to walk your cat on leash but also can be useful in keeping your cat from running off when you take your cat outside using other means. So, even if you don't want to teach your cat to walk on leash, it's useful to at least get your cat comfortable with wearing a harness. Click the article below for more.

Let's say you successfully train your cat to walk on leash. You may find on walks that your cat simply flops down and refuses to go any further at times when he or she has had enough.

What then? Well, you'll probably just have to pick up and carry your cat to your destination rather than wait for your cat to change his or her mind. 

It may also be that you don't want to walk your cat on leash but just carry your cat with you on your walk or hike.

What's useful in both cases is to use a sling carrier or backpack carrier designed to carry your cat more easily and securely. Click the article below for more.

Another option available besides walking your cat on leash or carrying your cat is to push your cat in a pet stroller.

A pet stroller works much like a child stroller. The biggest difference is that a pet stroller has a closed in area from which your cat can view the world while being pushed.

You may have seen mothers actually jogging with a child stroller. These jogging strollers have more substantial wheels than the lower-end strollers and of course there are jogging strollers for pets as well. Click the article below for more.

Those methods are fine for walking, jogging, or hiking. But, what about taking your cat on a bike ride?

While you could use the carry solutions (e.g., a sling or backpack), there are means more specific to bike riding.

One solution has to do with simply adding a basket to the front of your bike. You could use a standard bike basket or one that is specifically made for pets.

Another solution is a bike trailer. Since a bike trailer has a lot of room, you can take more than one pet with you (as long as they get along being in the same confined space). Click the article below for more.

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