Slow your cat's eating and stimulate your cat's natural instincts

Cat Stealing Food


While domestic cats are given their food at feeding time, their ancestors had to hunt and scavenge for food. Interactive cat feeders and food puzzles tap into this ancestral instinct. There are several benefits to these feeders and puzzles.

  • Your cat is forced to eat more slowly avoiding the problems associated with eating too fast.
  • They tap into and activate the natural instincts in your cat.
  • Eating becomes a more behaviorally stimulating activity.

This doesn't have to replace your cat's normal meals but can introduce more options by allowing you to reduce the amount of food your cat eats, offer a variety of treat alternatives in addition to the usual meal, or simply add stimulating activities to your cat's daily routine.

This basic interactive feeder requires your cat use its paws to fish out the food from between the protrusions.

Catit offers three different "slow feeders" that are part of their Senses 2.0 line of products. The items can be used standalone or combined with other Senses 2.0 products to make a larger activity center.

The mult feeder allows you to serve your cat wet food directly and place dry food in the hole for your cat to fish out with its paw.

With the digger you simply drop dry cat food into the cups and your cat fishes it out to eat.

The food tree offers a more interesting experience. The dry food is pulled out of the sides but can also drop down between three different levels.

Trixie makes a number of interesting interactive feeders/food puzzles. Most of which are shown below.

The tunnel feeder drops treats into tunnels where your cat has to fish them out.

With the solitaire product you hide treats under dome covers and your cat goes by the sense of smell to figure which need to be uncovered to get the treat.

Other products offer more variety for your cat in terms of how to fish out the treats.

This activity board challenges your cat with five different ways to fish for the treats.

The brain mover focuses on hiding the treats and requiring your cat to open up the compartments by uncovering them or sliding them open.

The poker box also hides food and your cat has to open the compartments using a sliding knob, drawers, and lids.

Another interactive feeder comes in the form of a meal dispensing ball for your cat to play with.

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