DIY make a cat scratching pad or post from cardboard boxes

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Save money or create something unique by making your own cat scratching pad or post by cutting up cardboard boxes. Making a scratching pad usually involves packing strips of cardboard sideways into a box (the box can itself be cardboard or something else like wood). A cardboard scratching post typically stacks cardboard squares over a thin post attached to a base. All you'll generally need is a box cutter and maybe some glue (a glue gun and glue sticks would be ideal or just some non-toxic glue like Elmer's).

Below are some videos to give you ideas to try for yourself.

A cardboard scratcher using any box (even a heart shaped one).

A cardboard cat scratcher using a store display container.

A cardboard cat scratcher you can hang from a doorknob and reverse when it gets worn.

A cardboard cat scratcher the size of a pizza box because it's made from a pizza box.

A cardboard cat-shaped cat scratcher.

A large round cardboard scratcher made from rolled up cardboard strips.

A cardboard scratcher similar to a traditional upright scratching post.

Another upright cardboard scratching post.

An upright cardboard scratching post but with different widths.