Ideas for an indoor cat playground, gym, or activity center

Cat Playground


Often, a playground, cat gym, or activity center for indoor cats is built around a cat tree. You can also use your walls to build a playground using shelves. Cat trees and shelf systems will be covered in their own articles. This article explores a number of other products that can be used as the core of your indoor cat's playground or used as additions to it.

Kitty City offers modular products that can be pieced together to create a playground. There a number of modular pre-configurations available or you can buy and add modules as you like (watch the video below).

The Mega Kit is a popular configuration if you have the room for it or you can take a look at other Kitty City configurations and modules by clicking here.

A unique and interesting product is the Ripple Rug. It's simply one rug that lays flat to form a foundation with a second rug full of holes that can be attached to the foundation in an infinite number of shapes. The video below demonstrates.

Another useful item for your cat's playground is a cat tunnel. Your cat can play inside or around the outside of the tunnel.

A 3-way tunnel not only offers multiple tunnels but multiple ways in and out of the tunnels.

An activity or play mat provides a location for your cat to both lay down and play with the hanging toys.

With the Catit Senses 2.0 products you can piece together an activity center for your cat's senses.

The Senses 2.0 products you can select from include a ball chase track, a self-grooming station, a cat grass container, a puzzle feeder, a water fountain, and other items. Click here to browse these products.

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