2 safe ways to take your cat on a bike ride: baskets and trailers

Cat in Bike Basket

While you and your cat may be able to improvise your own method for going on a bike ride together, there are two products specifically designed for taking pets on a bicycle ride with you: bike baskets and bike trailers.

Bike Baskets

You could just use a standard handle bar bike basket to carry your cat around. Just make sure there's something for your cat to stand on in the bottom (mesh bottom or something you place in it) and you attach a leash and harness to keep your cat from jumping out and running off if that's a concern.

On the other hand, there are baskets with additional features for pets.

The Tagalong baskets above offer some good examples of what may or may not be available in a pet bike basket.

For both:

  • The recommended maximum weight is 13 lbs
  • An attached leash is included
  • There's a sunshade that can be removed
  • They attach to the bike using a bracket that allows the basket to be easily taken off when not needed.

The distinctions between the two options have mostly to do with:

  • Looks (wicker vs. fabric)
  • Air flow (air flows through the wicker)
  • Storage pockets (the wicker has none)

There's also an optional cage top made specifically for the Solvit wicker basket to help keep your cat in the basket.

Bike Trailers

Bike trailers for pets are generally made with medium to large dogs in mind, which means they have a lot more room and handle a lot more weight than a bike basket. A bike trailer can be a good solution whether you just have one cat or multiple cats or other pets you want to take on a bike ride (as long they all get along that is).

The best things the trailer above has going for it is that it's inexpensive compared to most bike trailers and it's made by Schwinn (which is a well-established brand that has been associated with bicycles and bicycle components for a very long time).

Some features of this trailer include:

  • It's foldable with quick release wheels for easy transport
  • A safety tether that attaches to the bike as a fail-safe to the main connection
  • A 50 lb. pet capacity (plenty for one or more cats)

It also has an adjustable leash for securing your cat using a cat harness. For securing two cats you can get a leash splitter.

If you'd like to use this trailer with multiple bikes then buy the coupler below. You can install it on a 2nd bike then easily move the trailer between bikes as needed.

Trailer Coupler for Instep & Schwinn Bike Trailers

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